Luxury Vacancies and Medical Wellness in Greece

Many ancient Greek writers and philosophers have referred to the Springs, which are also found in Greek legends - the definition of ancient history. A fine example of this is the myth about the springs of Edipsos, saying that after being asked by Athena, Hephaestus created the springs by hitting the rock of Edipsos with his hammer. Cause of that was the hero Hercules, to whom the goddess wanted to provide means for him to rest from his every achievement. Other myths refer to the waters of the springs where the Nymphs lived, as having healing effects.
The Greeks where the first to use springs, as we can see from studying Aristotle, Plutarch and Strabo.

We also learn that the Asclepions (temples offered to god Asclepius but also places used as hospitals), used springs for healing and would use hydrotherapy with great success since 1300 B.C.

The first to discover the healing effect of those springs on the human body was the historian Herodotus, who described quite a few springs in Greece, most of which are well known today too. After him, Hippocrates was the first to systematically categorize those springs and found which diseases they could cure. Whatís really interesting though is that he created all the knowledge around Hydrotherapeutic Arts.


Later on, the springs would be visited often by Roman Emperors (such as August, Adrian, Marcus Aurelius) and even Byzantine emperors (like great Constantine, Theodosius etc.) Today, those springs are still used for healing but also for resting.

In Greece there are more springs than in any other European country. Most Greek spa combine relaxing vacations with bathing in hot springs. Most of these springs collaborate the mountains and the sea, and are open most months of the year, since the Greek climate is good enough for someone to have a vacation even if not in summer.

Hellas Yachting offers you this luxury to rest, by taking you with its ships to destinations with spa, that are located in Greek islands and beaches, or by offering you a nice stay at hotels near hot springs. We try to make you feel like the Ancient Greeks or the Emperors of Rome and ByzantiumÖ to let your minds travel far into the past and escape every day life but also acquire knowledge and experience.

Text by Sophia Pavlakou


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