Come and get married in Greece!

Greece gave birth to the Myths and Poetry, come to write the first poem of your new life in its epic environment!!!
Choose the hotel, the estate or the suite or even the boat that inspires you to stay or to have your wedding
Let the people, to whom Xenius Zeus gave the ancient knowledge of Hospitality, take care of you at those beautiful moments of your life.

Come to feel the dew of the Greek sea, Poseidon’s kingdom, and play with the Niriides at the waves that gave birth to Aphrodite, or swim with the flares of the moonlight.

Let the god of youth and beauty, Helios, caress you and give you color from his shine, or embellish your hair with the stars of the midnight sky who only knows how to tell myths under the light of his goddess, the Moon.

And if you want to live those things in the sea or under the starry sky and make wishes forever at the star fall,
Hellas Yachting can offer you this unique experience, taking you through the sea routes of Odysseus, of Myths and legends… and maybe in one of those you will meet Gorgon (Mermaid), the sister of Great Alexander and she may ask you: “Does King Alexander live?”…
So come and get married in Greece!
Text by Sophia Pavlakou


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