Sport and Extreme Sport in Greece


Exercising has always been an entertaining activity for man, since it makes him feel great both physically and mentally. That being said, if we recall the long past we will find out that man’s need for exercise gave birth to sports, which evolved up to the ones we have today.
The peak of physical exercise and sportsmanship can only be found in Ancient Greece, where Greeks used to say “Sane mind in healthy body”. This philosophy gave birth to the Olympic Games and the greatest ideals of sports in the human civilization. Within the Olympic games, there are messages of friendship between nations, honorable competition, respect, honor and all this with the reward of a crown made of olive tree branches, which used to count for every athlete and civilian far more than the greatest treasure.
In Ancient Greece, there were different exercises for warm-up, for each part of the body and even respiratory exercises. The program would adapt to the weather, to the season, to the temperature, to the time of the day, to the place (outside or inside). Even the mood, the character, the physical and mental condition of the trainee were taken into consideration. Exercise was also used in medicine for therapeutic reasons.

Greeks loved to exercise and through that exercise they would entertain themselves and develop their physical attributes as well as their virtues (such as courage and patience). They preferred games that were played with a ball, which were especially loved in Sparta and Macedonia.
Games that resemple modern handball, rugby, hokey or even basketball existed in ancient Greece.
Both men, women and children would participate in sports, since in ancient Athens, sports were considered an important social activity. In Sparta, on the other hand, sports were used for military training, although Spartan women were allowed to visit gyms in order to keep a beautiful body that can give birth to strong children.
Hellas Yachting wants to offer you moments of relaxation and proposes places that allow you to participate on your favorite sport, while enjoying the beautiful Greek nature. For those of you who would like to join international matches, whether they include the air, the earth or the sea, from simple everyday sports to extreme sports that will push your adrenaline up, from Windsurfing to Base Jumping, from Jet Skiing to Scuba Diving, for those of you who would like to fly like birds high into the sky or over the seas, in Greece you can do everything, since everything is offered and Hellas Yachting can give you the information you ask for.
Text by Sophia Pavlakou

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