"Once I was sad that I had no shoes until the next time I saw someone with no feet"
Holidays in Greece for  People with diasabilities

In ancient Greece people with disabilities when honored and protected. There was even a god for them, Hephaestus.
Hephaestus, the god of fire and metal was the only son of Zeus and Hera. Homer sais that he was born lame, although according to a myth, Zeus threw him down from Mt. Olympus after being infuriated by his support on Hera during an argument between them.
He would create unique weapons, jewelry or even golden palaces, like the one in Olympus, Hercules’ golden chest guard and Achilles’ Shield, as described in Iliad.
Homer says in Odyssey that Hephaestus, although the ugliest of the gods, has the most beautiful goddess, Aphrodite, as his wife.
In ancient Athens, the first scientific research on disabilities was done from Hippocrates at around 400 B.C. which resulted into many organized attempts of understanding and curing them.


Plato and Aristotle mentioned numerous times disability as well as ways that could help people with disabilities. In Athens there were even laws concerning the protection and the economic aid of such persons.
In ancient Sparta there was a myth that all disabled and unhealthy children were thrown in Keadas, though researches have proven the opposite.
The archeological findings showed that the people who were in there had been already dead before being thrown. Also, that specific myth contradicts the existence of King Ages of Sparta, who was born with a disability, or the poet Tirtieus, who was blind, and many other well known Spartans.
It’s also worth of notice that when a lame Spartan was made fun of for going to war, he answered: “war needs people who stay in their places, not people who run away cowardly”.
After thousands of years, what was once applied in ancient Athens, has begun during the 19th century: the education of disabled people, the acceptance of their problems by the society and the special health care by the government.


Hellas Yachting believes that those people with disabilities must be able to enjoy the same as everyone else and has, therefore, collected the information needed for them to organize and enjoy happy holidays without difficulties. Specifically, it proposes them hotels with especially configured places to stay, visits to many places and archeological landmarks (such as the Acropolis, Epidaurus, Delphi etc), cruises for 4-8 days in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, or even sailing with ships especially created for people with disabilities. Everything mentioned is realized with the help of trained personnel and appropriate means of transport.

Text by Sophia Pavlakou
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