Luxury Vacancies and Golf in Greece
The history of golf starts at the midst of the 15th century, in the eastern coast of Scotland. It is said that the fishers there found a pleasant way of passing time by shooting sea pebbles on grass using wooden staves. The competition between them lead them to hit the pebbles as far as possible. That game later on became what we now know as golf.
In the 16th century, golf became a sport for the higher classes of society in the country. The interest shown by the royals into golf contributed in its distribution not only in all of Scotland, but also abroad.
A big part in the history of golf was its spreading in the U.S.A. in the 19th century, when there was a massive wave of courts being built for the sport. The same followed in other places like middle Europe, Australia, the middle-east, southern Africa and Japan. Those places now own the most golf courts in the world.

What is worth mentioning is that there are some special characteristics of golf that make It quite different from all other sports, like the fact that all viewers are at the same time players. Although the game itself requires a lot of time (since one round alone takes about 4 to 5 hours to be completed), it doesnít require excellent physical condition from the players.
Also, in contrast to all other sports, where the courts have a specific pattern, the golf courts are different from place to place. They all have 18 holes, but each of them has a unique layout, resulting in a great variety of courts with many great differences between them, which is considered a big advantage for the sport.
Golf combines sports with nature, while entertaining the player, not to mention that itís a sport for all people and ages.


In Greece, there is one of the most beautiful golf courts of Europe, which has been called ďone of the best hidden secrets of EuropeĒ. Itís the CORFU GOLF in Corfu, which was designed by the famous Swiss architect, Donald Harradine, who created an equally pleasant court for both professional players and beginners.


Itís located in an exquisite natural habitat full of trees, lakes and rivers, birds and animals, all near the sea. It also meets the expectations of any golf court, while it can be used not only from March to November, but throughout the whole year.


Hellas Yachting given that it has the ships that have the installments for you to train in golf while sailing, can take you and your families or friends to all places in Greece where you can find golf courts to enjoy your favorite sport and spend some awesome vacations. We can also offer you a stay in the beautiful hotels that have their own golfs or are located near one, most of which have their own Mini Golf Clubs, in order for your kids to take their first classes in the sport or even play themselves.

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