The Amazing Caves, Waterfalls and Stone Bridges of Greece


In the history of man, caves always meant a lot of things but also had a charm in them. They were man’s first home, his refuge, but also the place where he first left his signs and drawings. Caves are mysterious places, where people used to visit for celebrations and rites, believing that in them gods were born and myths were created.


A cave is considered the womb of the Earth, but it can also symbolize the human heart.
Allegorically, a Cave was used by Socrates, as said in Plato’s “Republic” where it is compared to human nature, especially the imaginable world as well as the conceivable one.


At the entrance of caves we usually find waterfalls and then we imagine fairies from urban legends who lave under the waterfalls and knit inside the caves with stone looms. Caves are the places where Satyrs used to dance with the nymphs Naiads, while in the woods one could hear Orpheus’ songs and Apollo’s guitar.


In Greece, there are some of the most beautiful caves on earth. One visit to those mythical sites will remain unforgettable, it will be an experience of life and knowledge. In addition, a visit to the mythical waterfalls could also remain unforgettable, since you might be lucky enough to meet a fairy while she is bathing, or maybe see the shadow of a Naiad while she is dancing.


Hellas Yachting brings you closer to those “first” human houses that exist in our country and has noted hotels that are close to those caves. Also, we have noted hotels that are close to incredible waterfalls. We would, as well, propose you to make a stop during a cruise with our boats, at one of those caves or waterfalls, whether they are somewhere you can reach after leaving the bot at a Greek port, or you can reach them with your boat, like the blue caves of Zante and other Greek islands.
Text by Sophia Pavlakou

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