Luxury Vacancies and Casino in Greece
The History of Casinos
From the moment that man discovered games, he also discovered gambling. From the most ancient gambling games to the most advanced ones at online casinos, the history of casinos is really fascinating.
The exact origins of gambling are unknown. In China, the first official report was noted at 2300 B.C. From the ancient Greeks and the Roman Empire, to Napoleon’s France and Elizabethan England, a great part of history was filled with entertainment of gambling games.
The word Casino/Kazino comes from the Italian word “Casa”, which means “home”. Casino, in other words, is a small home. In the beginning it only meant a small countryside house, although Venetian aristocrats started using the term for small countryside refuges that they used to rest and get away from their everyday lives. One of their activities at those houses was card games and generally lucky games. In Italian, the term Casino also means an infamous house.
In their history casinos were always connected to rich people and slackers, as well as all kinds of entertainment, especially in holidays. For that reason, the first casinos in northern Europe were created around the famous baths of Belgium and Germany.
The first known European house of gambling games was Ridotto, which was in Venice of Italy at 1628, in order to offer those lucky games at the carnival season. It closed down at 1770, when the local government accused it for impoverishing the aristocrats.
In the American continent casinos became the temples of gambling. The first houses of gambling games were known as saloons. The creation and meaning of those saloons, were inspired by the four great cities: New Orleans, Saint Lewis, Chicago and San Francisco.
The games in a casino are divided into 3 categories: board games, electronic games and those that depend on lucky numbers.
Today, internet allows fanatic gamblers to play in the greatest casinos of the world from their homes through their computers. At the online casinos, digital gambling was developed, resulting into hundreds or even thousands of casinos in the internet.


Η Hellas Yachting with her boats, which have their own small casinos where you can play with your friends while travelling, takes you to beautiful Greek destinations, as well as islands where very well- known casinos are located. We can even secure your stay at pretty hotels that have their own casino, so that you can spend your holidays taking a break from the everyday anxieties.

Text by Sophia Pavlakou

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